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With over 30 years experience in industrial painting, Tony and Graeme started RevivaDeck in August 2007 in Melbourne.

After researching the timber restoration market and recognising there was a dire need for a professional service, Tony and Graeme started RevivaDeck to provide a solution to this common problem.

Many DIY methods on the market claimed anyone could restore timber and promised customers a professional finish, however they just didn’t live up to expectations. Even with regular treatment recoats every six months, time and again timber was never properly restored, looking tired and dull, usually ending up an eyesore.

With many home or business owners in Australia battling against peeling, cracking and fading timber, Tony and Graeme wanted to offer people a way to bring their timber decking back to its original glory without resorting to expensive and tiresome methods.

After identifying the best restoration products and equipment on the market, coupled with their extensive knowledge of industrial cleaning and painting methods, RevivaDeck began providing a service that really worked – with countless happy customers.

If you have decking around your home or business and want to protect your investment, please get in touch.