RevivaDeck can bring the timber around your home or business back to life. This includes decks, fences, verandas, gazebos and even boardwalks and jetties.


One of the key foundations to RevivaDeck's high quality finish is thorough preparation. Using professional high-pressure equipment and specially formulated products, we remove stains, mildew etc., from your timber without damaging it, restoring it to its bare original state. If required, we then sand it and correct any nails so the finish is top-class and primed for treatment.


We use the most up to date products on the market and are always striving to find the next development within timber restoration. While bringing your timber back to an outstanding finish, our treatments also help inhibit UV damage, mildew growth and progressive 'wear & tear'. Our keen attention to detail and comprehensive method ensures your timber is restored to its original glory.